Thursday, September 22, 2005

Striking At The Citadel

We asked for acceleration, and the winds of change are answering us with gale force. Lovely Rita is meting out justice at 150 mph, and some pundits say it may be the end of the US economy as we know it.

Michael Ruppert, author of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, says between Hurricane Katrina and the imminent destruction from Rita, US oil and natural gas production will be decimated to catastrophic levels. He calls it our "crude awakening," and the end of the US as a superpower.

What's certain is that we won't be pouring oil on these troubled waters. Rita's just handed Mr. Bush a ticket he can't pay with the US deficit.

But this is a "lower" world view. Let's broaden our perspective...

On September 2nd, as the nation was reeling from the fury unleashed in Louisiana, Golden Elk channeled the following message from the Mother about what was to happen next, and why:

As received by Cody Golden Elk on 9/2/2005

Today at 11:34 am, Earth-mountain time, I was shown a vision, by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light (SHL), of the next great hurricane to strike the U.S.

"This will be one of the most destructive storms ever seen, its effects felt around the world. It will approach Houston, Texas from the Southeast, and lay waste a large portion of the Texas coast, like a category 5+ hurricane.

When I asked the SHL when this would occur in linear Earth time, they only replied 'soon', emphasizing that these events are like a 'one, two' punch, with the recent hurricane, Katrina, which destroyed New Orleans being the 'jab', and the coming hurricane hitting Houston being the much more forceful 'knock-out' punch. There will be some loss of life, but a much greater property destruction of oil refinery output.

The SHL wants those few Earth humans who will listen, to know that this is a direct strike from the Universal Spirit upon the infrastructure of the fossil fuel paradigm (oil business). The refineries in Houston and New Orleans for decades have polluted the oceans with noxious chemicals. Also, they produced much gasoline, which through car emissions have caused severe pollution of the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in cascading environmental degradation. Much of the military fuels used for the evils of the U.S. government in launching its numerous attacks worldwide (like Vietnam and Iraq) were also made in these places.

This is the 'beginning of the end' wake up call for the demise of the fossil fuel paradigm, and all the associated environmental destruction it has spawned. It is time for the Secret Government to stop withholding energy technology and for greed to end. The loss of life and property will be sad, but NOT NEARLY AS IMPORTANT AS THE LESSON: GREEDY EARTH HUMANS - STOP DESTROYING YOUR ONLY HOME, THE EARTH."


In a grander sense, this current crisis is only one manifestation of a nation (and a world) in the midst of massive transformation, feeling the pressure to awaken and to shift behaviors or experience the consequences of limited, self-serving agendas.

Two superb astrologers, Paula Peterson and Judith Goldberg, MFA, say the planet Saturn's entry into Leo, the fiery lion, this past July, will be affecting us more than we can imagine. Saturn's placement influences attitudes and priorities, both personally and collectively. Leo's top priorities are self-expression and leadership.

This new configuration will most prominently affect the Baby Boomers born between August, 1938 and August, 1957 (which includes me!), who all have Pluto natally in Leo. Pluto is the planet of transformation; its keywords are "sex, death, rebirth."

Goldberg says, "Saturn conjunct Pluto, in fire sign Leo, will be heating up the waters." I know, from painful personal experience, that Pluto will do a slow, deliberate dance on you when you hold too tightly to the old. The Transformer cannot effect change unless you feed the sacred fire; in order for something new to be birthed, something old must die. Our willing surrender of these attachments marks an ego-death. Remember that the essence of the Lion is pride; in this case, a sense of entitlement. And pride goeth before a fall...

Are we being asked to relinquish our oil-dependent existence in order to grow as a species? It's a huge shift; life as we know it will radically change. It's terrifying.

I know I can't yet see how to get along without my car. Given my itinerant, home-less lifestyle these past five years, it's a necessity. I feel like a turtle, with my aging auto as my shell. But perhaps that's part of the Saturn in Cancer cycle (wanting to crawl into our shells and hide out from the world) that's now concluded.

These disasters (a word which means, "against the stars") are a global call to start regenerating our essential energy stores, which can never be depleted and will serve our transport far beyond 3-D. Sun (fire) and Air (wind) are as elemental as Love, and as plentiful. Maybe that's what Katrina and Rita, the Winds of Change, have come to remind us: "Harness the wind, your spirit-breath, learn to work with the resources rather than dominate them, and you will all be blessed beyond imagining as you walk forward into a New Dawn."

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