Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina: Chaos or Chalice?

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles has an intriguing higher view of the Gulf catastrophe: Katrina...The Bigger Picture. She says it's one more example of mass ego destruction, and will enable the United States to fulfill its Divine Destiny. Here's an excerpt:

"AMERICA is an anagram for the I AM RACE. This country, the New World, was destined to model to the world the true meaning of Freedom and the Oneness of the Family of Humanity. The I AM RACE was to be a body of souls comprised of all races, all religions, all nationalities, all creeds and all persuasions living together in freedom, harmony, equality and prosperity. The original plan was that we would respect and honor our differences, while reveling in the intricacies of our various cultures, clothes, food, customs, music, styles, talents, skills and other diversities. Needless to say, we have lost our way. But it is not to late to change our course of direction, and the entire Company of Heaven is standing in readiness to assist us.

"What if the purging of Hurricane Katrina is occurring in America to give all of us the opportunity to open our hearts and minds? What if this catastrophic event is the pain we needed to motivate us all to reach out to each other, to help us realize our Oneness and that we are all in this together? What if Katrina is designed to inspire us to heal the heartbreaking schisms, the separation and the polarization existing within the Family of Humanity abiding in this country?

"The destiny of America is to model for the world the I AM RACE, the Family of Humanity, living, loving, working, succeeding and prospering together with equality, respect, integrity, honesty, freedom and reverence for ALL Life. If we cannot demonstrate this in our own country, how can we possibly teach democracy to anyone else?

"The oppressive bonds of our human egos have been burst asunder, and that fear-based aspect of our fallen personality has been taken into the heart of our I AM Presence to be Loved free. Now it is going be infinitely easier for all of us to return to the path of Divine Love that reflects who we truly are, here and now.

"Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina have a way of leveling the playing field in the Family of Humanity. The people who are being the most adversely affected at this moment as a result of Hurricane Katrina are the people in America who have often been the most oppressed, the most poverty stricken and the most disenfranchised. This is an overwhelming opportunity for every American to reach out and to help lift these people up. The Universal Law is...'As I AM lifted up, all Life is lifted up with me.' If we come together as the Family of Humanity and work to lift up the most downtrodden people in America, all Life in America will be lifted up. That statement is not just wishful thinking or a lofty platitude. It is a profound Truth that will change the course of direction for this blessed country.

"When we set aside our anger and our fears and come together with open hearts and minds, our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will guide us unerringly. Together we will cocreate viable solutions to the maladies existing on this planet, and we will create win-win situations in all facets of our lives, and the Divine Destiny of the I AM RACE and these United States of America will be fulfilled."

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Is this not a universal potential?