Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Wealth of Wonder And Awakening

It's a new Moon in Virgo, with powerful energies streaming to Earth through the Sirius Stargate that opened in August. Archangel Michael says You are the Bridge, a thrilling acknowledgment that, at last, legions of Earth's inhabitants are awakening to who they (you) truly are.

Prepare for more of those "intense periods of emotional energy clearing that will manifest as depression, anger, physical illness and general feelings of exhaustion and malaise as your bodies once again detoxify and balance." Hm, not fun. But, part of the purge of the lower frequencies--just as Katrina and last December's earthquake/tsunami are.

Michael's counsel for the best ways to ride these galactic energy waves is the same wisdom that always applies for healing and clearing:

* Simplify your diet
* Drink lots of pure water to assist the detoxification process
* Exercise!
* Fresh air (this means actually going outside, away from your computer)
* Rest!
* Letting go.

Michael reminds us, "Many of you experience these energies as difficult, because you struggle to hold your balance. Many of you are also releasing lifetimes of negativity and fear, and you feel as if you may never move beyond the struggles and the discomfort and the loneliness of this process. We want you to know that the easiest way to integrate these energies and to hold your balance is to seek your joy in complete trust that it will be given to you."

Find and follow your bliss through creative expression, and through sharing love and intimacy and support with your Soul family. Remember, "ultimately, all on the planet are family. You are ascending as One Earth and One Family, and it is your Joy now to assist each other across that Bridge into the New Reality called New Earth."

Blessed Be!

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Anonymous said...

It's encouraging to think we will finally be waking up from this dream of materialistic greed...