Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Coming Home: The Weeping, The Sighing, The Gnashing Of Teeth

We reached critical mass in August--when 51% of the energy and consciousness on Earth was at last vibrating to Divine Love and Source Consciousness--and now that the veil has been lifted, you may feel just a little strange. It's a tremendous adjustment, a global course correction of sorts, and crying from joy is as natural as weeping from fear.

Karen Bishop, in her latest alert, The Loneliness, says feeling off balance and acutely lonely, wanting to jump out of your skin and feeling disconnected, are all normal manifestations of arriving in the higher realms. For many of us, it's truly being a "stranger in a strange land." I remember when my body felt exactly as described, when I was going through the wave of awakening that took place in 1993. I had no one to turn to at that time who could explain what was happening to me, and I did weep with abandon all of one day, with a compassionate friend holding me, bewildered. Yet for all my confusion, I sensed something wondrous was happening within me. And that was just the beginning.

Well, now "the gang's all here," as the saying goes. If you haven't entered this gateway yet, you will soon, because this is the Shift of the Ages, when, as another Lightbringer, Patricia Cota-Robles, says, "the whole of creation is breathed into a new level of Godhood."

Know that it's OK; all IS in Divine Right Order, and the loneliness you may be experiencing now will pass. In the higher realms there is no separation, and we are now going to be linking up with our soul families as never before. The joy of reconnecting, and re-membering (making membership again) will be unlike any connection we've ever known, because it's such a deep joining through the cosmic heart of All-That-Is.

Karen counsels, "If things seem chaotic and confusing, know that we have net yet read the driver's manual for the higher ways of being...As things may feel upside down and inside out, it is only because we are now finally in the vibrations of rightside up, and the old realities are merely trying to adjust and align."

Enjoy the flume ride of Now, remember to come from your heart and not your head, and take time to taste the wonder of this newness on both your spiritual and physical tongues. It's the nectar of the Gods, and it is now ours. Heaven on Earth has arrived, regardless of outward appearances. That's only the last of the darkness, burning away.

Blessed Be.

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