Saturday, October 01, 2005

Radical Trust

Karen Bishop says that after our latest ascension leap, the ensuing recalibration period may feel like prison energy, in which we feel trapped in a none-too-pleasant existence not of our choosing.

I'm an Aquarian, and we're known for being ahead of our time (or sometimes just ahead of ourselves), but--I've actually felt the joyous freedom of new forward momentum after 5 years in metaphoric chains! So whether you're feeling newly released or like a captured angel, it's wise to remember that if you're being denied what you dearly desire, it's probably because something more attuned to who and where you are now is waiting in the wings.

Karen counsels,

"If you have felt like ending it all, giving up, and throwing in the towel, know that we are simply at the threshold of a whole New way of being and a whole New reality. And know as well, that with the light seemingly gone for the moment, this is also just a time for the so-called 'darkness' to be allowed free reign to destroy itself, just in time for the adjustment to become complete for the New higher realms reality.
"The darkness may seem 'big', with attacks, inappropriate behavior resulting from a fear-based consciousness, and certainly much relating to MONEY. But this is only because our monetary system is being readied for an eventual fall. If you can, have radical trust that all is as it should be. Be in the moment and simply 'be'. Tend to a hobby or spend time in nature. And in this space of being, you will most likely experience the New heart connecting energy that has arrived with this latest shift, as we are connecting now more and more through our hearts instead of our minds."

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