Friday, October 21, 2005

Labor Rooms for a New Humanity: Birthing Your Inner Wisdom

From Daniel Jacob, who channels The Reconnections, comes this brilliant idea for local Birthing Centers -- not for giving birth to infants, but to our ever-evolving selves. These Labor Rooms for a new humanity are, we might say, a new conception in Come Unity: places to gather as we awaken.

I know I longed for such a place when I dove deeply into my dark night of the soul in the mid-90s. I felt a longing for a mother, but didn't realize what I craved was connection to Gaia, to the Great Mother of All, to the Divine Feminine. On the far side of this journey, I created Live Your Light to help midwife others through this transformational doorway.

Now, we're all waking up, and it's both thrilling and challenging all at once. The Reconnections affirm, "Out of the ashes of a crumbling Old Paradigm -- characterized by forgetfulness, separation, control, and manipulation -- a New Paradigm is about to bloom. Its foundations go back as far as human history can recall. And you, who are alive and awake at this time, are being given the opportunity to perform a service of being 'midwives for the New Paradigm, and hospice workers for the Old.'"

What a beautiful vision.

As each of us chooses to conclude our "vacation in limitation," according to The Reconnections, we need places to gather that are informal, comfortable, tolerant, loving -- and ideally free of charge. Yes, the money trigger is a powerful one I'm still healing. While a great deal of my spiritual service is offered pro bono, I have been challenged to fulfill basic 3-D needs without relying on work I used to do, that is no longer aligned with my soul mission.

The Reconnections add, of these Birthing Centers:

"Each 'Come Unity' Gathering is like a spread of Tarot Cards, wherein each 'card' carries a unique and personal message. As in a Tarot reading, it could be said of these group meetings that no one arrives there by accident, even as there are no cards chosen in a Tarot spread that are not subject to clear guidance from deep within all of those who participate in the reading.   

"Can you imagine the velocity of energy that could be generated, if each person in a Circle Meeting begins to step beyond the barriers of 'me' and 'you' for a set amount of time -- using the same suspension of disbelief that is employed when you are watching a motion picture or a stage play? The 'pitch' and expansion of those meetings would be astronomical!"

I'm ready and willing to hold the energetic space for such a Gathering, and to be its first spiritual steward. If you know of a gathering place -- especially if there is an opportunity for me to live onsite and facilitate other spiritual events -- please do get in touch!

Blessings and joy.

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