Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fire and Rain

Sedona is under fire; Houston is under water! Mother Earth is in the midst of a gigantic cleanse, as She (like all of her inhabitants) sheds the old skin in preparation for morphing into a higher level of consciousness.

This is a bit challenging, to say the least, for her various inhabitants. Humans generally appear to have greater difficulty with these transitions than most other life forms—perhaps because we're less mobile, except in an emergency. After the Asian 'quake and tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and the other earthquakes, floods and fires that have swept the planet these past few years, we're becoming a lot more adept!

So let us invite Sedona and Houston to exchange energies: the former needs rain, the latter, sunny, dry weather (but not actual fire!) With all of our focused intention (especially tomorrow, on the Solstice, when the Sun stands still and the veils between worlds are thin), we can LOVE these affected areas of our Mother's body back into balance.

Blessed Be!

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