Sunday, June 18, 2006

Soul Retrieval at Solstice

Summer Solstice is this coming Wednesday, June 21, as the Sun enters the water sign of Cancer (Winter Solstice, for our allies in the Southern Hemisphere). There are many ways to celebrate and honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year as it ushers in the season of fire. One that resonates cross-culturally is World Soul Retrieval Day.

This "global expression of shamanic practice and healing" was birthed three summers ago by Frank MacEowen and Timothy O'Donoghue. Tim was shown a vision of the worldwide shamanic community coming together to address our collective state of soul loss. Because the "holes" in our collective soul have been filled by the energy of fear, it's led to ever-greater tears in the human fabric, in the form of wars, ethnic "cleansing", decimation of indigenous lands, and the rise of dis-ease.

Frank, in turn, saw the altars of various shamans, medicine people, and shamanic practitioners all over the world, being activated and "linked up" on a common day to create a "world altar." This world altar, made up of many altars anchored simultaneously in the deep energies and light of primal earth, serve to focus us on not only transforming grief, but also calling toward us a powerful spiritual reality, a shared dream of the future, that he calls "the future Earth-Spirit culture."

So let us cultivate a sense of the sacred deep within ourselves as we re-weave the world, dancing our dream of wholeness and holiness awake. For further suggestions about ways to commemorate this stillpoint, see the article Summer Solstice: An Opportunity to Become More Whole. One of the earliest postings to Healing, it's been read by more than 500 people in the past year.

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