Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Well-Deserved Rest

An article I had planned to write years ago, before I understood the Journey with a capital J, was, "Learning to Love the Lull." It was about enjoying the "rests" in our daily music, the pauses between activities. At the time, I was thinking only of how I longed for a respite from the 90-miles-an-hour lifestyle I'd created—and then, of course, I received the ultimate time-out, several years' worth and then some. I refer to my personal awakening journey in various places on my website; specifically in Learning to Live My Light.

These days, with the Earth and each of her rays (us) moving into the fifth dimension, we may feel tired, wired, and ready for a healing oasis on a regular basis! I know I certainly do. And The Reconnections say it is most assuredly right that we honor ourselves and our process by taking this time to rejuvenate as we "phase shift" from being fully human to being fully divine.

So be in the Now and allow...and when all else fails (or when nothing seems to be working in your life), yield to the STOP sign from the Multiverse, and wait for new information to pour in.

Blessings on your travels...

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