Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solstice Soul Attunement

Intuitive astrolger Allison Rae serves up a galactic Solstice feast of relevant information. She says this moment is a flashpoint, a portal energetically similar to the combined energies of "the Grand Fixed Cross Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, and the Harmonic Concordance of November 8-9, 2003--two pivotal moments in the transformation of consciousness leading to and through 2012. Both accompanied mass spiritual awakenings."

It's well worth reading her entire offering. What spoke most dearly to my heart was her news about the shifting Saturn-Chiron dynamic. Since I was born with Chiron conjunct my Sun, I embody the energy and emotional make-up of this intriguing heavenly body, known to astrologers as the archetypal "wounded healer" and also as the teacher of Aesclepius, the Greek God of medicine and healing. Allison says,

"Saturn represents father, karma, control, responsibility, law, structure, the status quo. Chiron, his son, chose a different path. He is the holistic practitioner, the metaphysician, the visionary, artist and wounded healer.

They have been locked in opposition for the past 19 years, and we've been dealing with issues of authority, conditioning, limitation, personal and cultural wounding throughout this time. We're facing up to our choices, paying off karmic debt, healing the wounds of childhood.

That pattern is about to change.

This is the final direct opposition in this cycle. After the Solstice, Saturn and Chiron will go their separate ways. If we're willing to take responsibility for our choices, freedom from the past is imminent in this release.

On the collective level, the Saturn-Chiron cycle helps raise human consciousness from the level of personal, self-interest to a state of broader, social action infused by an awareness of the indwelling spirit of all creation.

The current cycle began in 1966 and lasts until 2028. Think of the changes in social awareness that happened throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and you'll get a picture of the potential in this passage. Saturn-Chiron deals with important changes in the mentality of the individual in relation to the collective. Social movements arise. Often these shifts are not easy, and occur only after a series of dramatic changes."

I am SO ready for the world to embrace what has always seemed obvious to me! We are all one being, and the healing is to yinify: a word I coined several years ago that means, to enlarge the lens of the feminine in our lives, to turn up the feminine frequency of receptivity, allowing, drawing in. I just had the image of a world hug!

Much love and expansiveness to you this Solstice evening, as the Sun enters Cancer, the most vulnerable, hearth-centered sign of the zodiacal wheel.

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