Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Asking the Big Questions

Want to become part of a global dialogue designed to wed the movers and shakers with you and me? Dropping Knowledge, a new, non-profit site based in Germany, promotes international understanding, the arts, and culture (and possibly, international understanding through arts and culture!)

Discussion themes range from politics and governance to health and nutrition, from quality of life and prosperity to peace and security, from education to the environment, and much, much more. If it affects us, it's part of the dialogue.

Rub virtual elbows with the likes of activist/author Arundhati Roy, musician and multimedia artist Laurie Anderson, filmmaker Wim Wenders, and hundreds of others. Dropping Knowledge is also collaborating with Creative Commons in the area of "copyleft" licensing.

Tune in to listen...and add your voice to the vision!

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