Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Intensity, Anyone?

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in expresses the way I (and I'm sure you!) are feeling these extraordinary transition daze, adapting the lyrics of an old R.E.M. tune: "It's the end of the world as we know it...and we are fine!" In her current Center of the Sun newsletter, she describes the weird physical symptoms I've been experiencing (stomach gurglings and poor digestion, searing headaches that don't, thankfully, turn into the flu) as part of our collective clearing process in order to hold a greater degree of light.

It's heartening to remember these changes aren't necessarily about me! As Aluna writes, "There is a sanity in knowing that what we go through as sensitives is not personal, but planetary. Our gifts as sensitives can be a great gift and also a huge challenge. These days it feels like a little of both."

All the posts I'm receiving now point to September as a time of huge escalation. Aluna's Star Elders say the Great Shift predicted to begin in 2008 in fact started 9/5 (the day my symptoms began). It's wonderful to be "ahead of schedule" (although the calendar is just a linear time construct, anyway); what it means in terms of our lives is that we're being called to live our highest truth more strongly than ever before, to walk our talk in the face of all the duality trying to pull us back down to "Earth". Gaia is one with us in this acceleration; I put "Earth" in quotes as a reference to the mass media and other 3-D "realities" that tell us how things ARE -- NOT!!

Other lightkeepers concur. Renowned "angel lady" Doreen Virtue has been guided to facilitate a day of angel workshops and teachings about angelic healing on September 10, just prior to the 5th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the US. The angels want a focus on light instead of dark, and a focus on love instead of fear.

Barbara Wolf is calling on us to turn the Lights back on, on September 11th. Her invocation:

Let us turn on the lights again.

Let us overlay positive energies on the negative.
Let us join together to make our own positive reality.

You and you and you and you are Divine Beings.
We are all Divine Beings.

On September 11, throughout the entire day, let us be mindful of this. Let us silently say to all,

And Maggie Erotokritou, coordinator of the Planetary Awakening Network, delineates some of the celestial tuning up that's taking place as a backdrop to the above:

• Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Pisces on Thursday, September 7th, calling us to immerse our physical and energetic beings in water, water, water (I have been camping on Mt. Shasta in far northern California for most of the summer, and with all the fires in surrounding counties, I'm feeling dry, dry, dry!)

Maggie says, "Water is connected to emotions and full moon and eclipses bring everything to the surface, and there seem to be a lot of emotions bubbling up at the moment. So over the next few days just a reminder to drink lots of water and to spend some time close to water, be it a lake or the sea or a waterfall, whatever happens to be within your vicinity if you can. Heavy stuff is coming up and water will help to clear the next layer of residue."

• New Moon/solar eclipse in Virgo on the Equinox, September 22. "Some astrologers have described the first eclipse as the 'mean' one and the second one as the 'friendly' one, by which time things will be settling down. So take heed, the eclipses will bring you face to face with your life, and many people will be rethinking what they truly want to do with their lives at this time. This introspective and reflective period will continue through the first three weeks of the month, so this would be a good time to think about what you really want and what you want to put your attention on. Remember, what you put your attention on becomes energized. Everything is changing, and so are the rules. You have the choice to play the game in a different way."

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