Saturday, September 02, 2006

September: Surging Into the Shift of the Ages

It's an open secret that we're rocketing towards a date with destiny (2012) at Warp 9, and then some. Astrologers everywhere are prompting us to fasten our transporter belts and prepare for the flume ride of our lives (yes, it's a mixed metaphor, but appropriate for these intergalactic times, oui?)

One of my favorite transmissions on the Tao of Now (which is also what I call the theme of my monthly e-newsletter, What Shines) is Allison Rae's current Alignments Newsletter, on The Transformation Game.

She introduces the cosmic backdrop with a summary of the "Big 3" galactic alignments heralding our passage into the next world age:

1) The Grand Fixed Cross Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999, which sparked a mass spiritual awakening that continues to reverberate around the planet. This was the wake-up call leading into the 2001-2002 Saturn-Pluto oppositions that reshaped our inner and outer landscapes. (We're coming up on the 5th anniversary of The World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, which took place on September 11, 2001.)

2) The historic Transit of Venus is a rare astronomical event, the passage of the planet Venus across the face of our local Sun. Venus has a very predictable, 40-year cycle, and Transits of Venus come in pairs, eight years apart. The first in this series was June 8, 2004. The second will be on June 6, 2012. The Maya are very aware of the Venus cycle, and the 2004-2012 Transit of Venus is connected to both the Mayan calendar “ending” in 2012 as well as the myth and symbolism of the great feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl.

3) In late 2006, we have the equally rare conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Center. The first exact conjunction is coming up on December 29/30, 2006, and there will be two more passes - on July 17 and October 28, 2007. Sandwiched between the Venus Transits of the solar disc, the Pluto Passage throws open the doors for consciousness evolution on a scale we can’t even imagine from our vantage point today.

And if this intro isn't juicy enough, Allison explains the steps in the unfolding cosmic drama/dharma that is midwifing humanity into our full potential as conscious co-creators in the Divine Plan--regardless of what this may "look like" on a mundane, day-to-day level.

To update Leary, it's time to tune in, tune up, let go...and let's grow!

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