Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kucinich Running for President in 2008!

What a 12:12 portal to new dimensions! Dennis Kucinich, the only member of the House and Senate seeking the highest office in America who has consistently voted against the war in Iraq from the beginning, has just announced his candidacy for U.S. President in 2008!

I have never been political, but, like many of my generation, I was galvanized to action when Congressman Kucinich, D-Ohio, upon urging from people across the country, agreed to run for President in 2004. I joined with others to form a website that supported his work, published several articles, and saw him speak in person at Agape International Spiritual Center, the L.A.-based trans-denominational spiritual community founded by Dr. Michael Beckwith (who is featured in the rising underground new thought film, The Secret).

Listening to Dennis that November day in 2003 brought tears of recognition to my eyes, because he wasn't just speaking my language—he was using the exact words I'd so often chosen to express the shifting planetary paradigm, and our pivotal role in this evolution. When I shook his hand I made a pledge, to him and to myself, that we would get his message "past the censor," meaning all those who would attempt to pull the wool over our eyes.

In the last few years, a lot more people have wiped the sleep of self-forgetting from their eyes and minds. We're at critical mass on so many levels now, I feel 2008 will be a watershed election. You know the bumper sticker that says, "If the people will lead, the leaders will follow"? It's up to us to choose, REALLY choose, this time. No more fake elections and silent nights. Let's lift up our voices and LET FREEDOM RING. Because, as those I interviewed for my international perspective article clearly state, what happens in the U.S. shapes the rest of the world.

Isn't it time to stand up for Truth?

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