Sunday, December 31, 2006

Living Our Heaven in 2007

My medical intuitive healer friend Rebecca Potter just sent this inspirational New Year's post. Enjoy! And if you live in or near Santa Rosa, California, I encourage you to contact her for a session. Her work is truly unique and effective: 707-570-2501.

"Two weekends ago I was in Sedona and hiked on Doe Mesa. The Apu, or Spirit of the Mountain gifted me, us, this song. So I wanted to share. I hum it daily and find it very uplifting and healing.

Living Our Heaven in 2007

The Apu of my Heart
The Song of my Soul

You've given me Wings
With the Condor I Fly

I Soar Far Above, Below, and Within
Never to stray far from You now

The Bliss in Your Kiss
The Light in Your Song

Lotus Bloom of my Heart
The Fragrance so Sweet

Given me Truth
Deep Within in Peace

My smile is Joy
My body so Blessed

To be in Your Seva
My Pathway is Cleared

Enough to Reflect
All the Beauty that Dances

In You I have found
All that Romances

My Wings they spread Wide
As the Sky is so vast

All without Limits
As Creation does Tell

The Man and the Woman
Are One in the Same

When we Embrace this Gift
The Trees all will Sing

The Rocks and the Earth
Will Rejoice once again

The Song of Our Souls
Sing out the God of our Hearts

So much Beauty Bestowed
On all of Us Now

I Bow with the Grace
For Seeing this Face

The Face that You Shine
Through all that's Divine

The Apu of my Heart
The Song of my Soul

The Apu of my Heart
The Song...... I always will Hold."

Love and Light

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