Sunday, December 03, 2006

We Are Becoming Galactic Humans

Virginia Essene and Sheldan Nidle co-authored You Are Becoming a Galactic Human in 1994, when I was deep in the throes of my own awakening process. During this period, I kept hearing the word "radiance" in my mind, without knowing quite what it meant.

Now we're waking up en masse, and it's both thrilling and challenging. Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn says at this time, we'll begin to truly perceive ourselves as the galactic, multidimensional beings that we are. During December, we can "expect increased luminescence and radiance to pour forth from your Sun, as the Earth spirals into a new cycle. This in turn will accelerate consciousness on the planet to a Higher Octave. We can say, dearest ones, that we expect a significant shift in the Collective Consciousness in this period, beginning with the 12:12 Stargate on the 12th of December, and moving through to the Solstice on the 22nd of December."

Stepping into our cosmic birthright means traversing the man-made "fear zone" (don't we all know THIS one well!) and becoming full-on Heart Warriors. What might the process look and feel like? Michael counsels:

"On the PHYSICAL level, you may feel tired to the point of exhaustion as the energy bodies spin faster in response to the accelerated frequencies of light. You may feel 'waves' of energy flowing through your arms and legs, and these feelings may be quite powerful at certain times. You may struggle to sleep at night, and then be very tired during the day, wanting to sleep. So, rest as much as you can. All is Well.

On the EMOTIONAL level you may feel like you are living on a roller coaster! Up and then down. You may be irritable and quick to flare up. Or you may be depressed and anxious. You may, at times, feel intense fear and anxiety and be afraid to be alone. You may feel like you are going to die, but remember you are traversing an artificial fear zone created of man-made fears and illusions, so just breathe and release. All is Well.

On the MENTAL level, you may feel as if everything is moving too fast, and you may feel mentally exhausted and near burn-out. This is because in western culture the mind is overactive and over stimulated anyway. An increase in light frequency will further stimulate the mind and exacerbate an already out of balance situation. Relax, breathe, allow things to flow at their own speed and don't try to 'keep up', you will never be able to. The best response is to 'slow down' and just 'flow', no resistance, just acceptance. All is Well.

On the HEART level you may FEEL everything very intensely. Celebrate. You are reconnecting with the Cosmic Heartbeat and feeling the flow of Divine Creative Energy in every cell."

I've already been feeling the exhaustion and emotional roller-coastering, for sure! So once again, it's vital that we remember: amping up the frequency causes responses in our 3-D bodies, minds, emotions and world as we adjust to the higher vibration.

We are Luminous! We are Galactic! We are The Light! Can you feel the Joy?

Thanks as always for playing.

Much love, Amara

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