Monday, December 11, 2006

Pluto Pumps Up the Volume

Just in from the UK, Marcus Mason offers up a Plutonic New Year's manifesto guaranteed to knock your socks into orbit around a distant star system! With Pluto, the Great Transformer, conjunct the Galactic Center (GC), we are being given a powerful opportunity (or shove) to shift into the Light collectively as never before. And it promises to be a wild and woolly ride.

When I personally came under the Plutonic knife in '94, it was a "slow, deliberate dance", as astrologer Coral Cadman told me at that time. I surrendered because there was nothing else to do; something one can only fully appreciate when it's your own turn to release and recall—or, as I've explained the Journey of Descent in a soundbite, to "dis-member in order to re-member."

Marcus shares a wealth of fascinating information about the conjunction, including how Pluto will "ping" a succession of other planets first, and how it will show up for us physically:

"There is an interesting sequence of cosmic events leading up to the Pluto/GC conjunction, which will make it touch us all at a very personal, as well a more detached spiritual level: On 8th Dec. Venus conjuncted Pluto, then on 18th Dec. the Sun conjuncts Pluto; on 20th Dec. the Moon conjuncts Pluto; on 26th Dec. Mercury conjuncts Pluto. All these planets will have passed over the GC before Pluto reaches it on 29th Dec. So first our emotional body (Venus) attunes to the Pluto/GC energies, then our spiritual-heart (Sun) attunes, then our energy body (Moon), then our mental body (Mercury), so by the time Pluto (our spiritual-will body) gets there, everything else will be either zinging in anticipation, or struggling to integrate these powerful GC energies, and perhaps in some cases producing physical symptoms as our physical body tries to integrate them.

"So, don't be surprised if you get strange abdominal symptoms (stomach and spleen - Venus), or maybe heart palpitations or anxiety feelings (Sun), or lower abdominal symptoms (kidneys, bladder, intestines, sexual organs - Moon), or throat and head symptoms, or mental confusion (Mercury) - the likelihood is that you would feel this wherever your most vulnerable areas normally lie. This is not to say that you will necessarily feel such symptoms, as many will not, but just to help understand what is happening if you do happen to experience unexplainable, weird, or undiagnosable symptoms. Remember that any pain or discomfort experienced in these regions is probably due to the resistances in your physical and energetic structure to these highly transformative energies pushing through the resistance of your cellular structure and crystallised energy patterns in the body, thoughts or feelings.

"Any form of energy medicine could be an appropriate first choice at these times, (ie: acupuncture, craniosacral, homoeopathy, bowen, reiki, kinesiology, energy-based massage, shiatsu, tui na, etc, etc). Symptoms, if they occur, should pass quite quickly, although the really deep-rooted stuff may take longer and not get fully resolved until the end of the Pluto/GC conjunction next year. Wherever a symptom may be, regard it from the viewpoint of 'how am I not expressing my true will in this area of my life? What is the underlying pattern of disempowerment that is causing my energy to get stuck here in particular?' When the energy shifts, then the symptoms will improve. (Of course, if such symptoms persist for a prolonged period then you should seek medical advice.)"

The rest of his report is equally laden with useful material, though quite lengthy and not posted to his site, so if you'd like me to forward the entire e-mail on to you, just let me know.

Beyond that, my counsel is: pry your mental fingers loose if you have to, and let go into free-fall. There's an invisible cosmic trampoline beneath you, and besides—whether you remember it yet or not—you already know how to fly.

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