Saturday, March 17, 2007

Illusion Tells the Truth

I've just come from seeing one of the newest films in the genre that's come to be known as "spiritual cinema" or "movies that matter." Stephen Simon, the originator of Spiritual Cinema Circle and producer of such classics as What Dreams May Come and Somewhere In Time, told Jeff Edelheit, our local spiritual cinema director who was fortunate enough to gain an interview with Simon, that he "only makes movies that allow people to feel good about life."

Illusion, featuring legendary actor Kirk Douglas and visionary writer/director/performer Michael Goorjian, tells the story of a renowned filmmaker at the end of his life, whose one secret regret is the son he never knew. Before the final cut, so to speak, Donald Baines is given a unique opportunity, through the medium to which he's devoted his life, to essentially "rewrite the script" for his son's life. It's deeply moving and thoroughly believable, recalling to my mind some of the best elements of films that have left an indelible impression on my psyche:

Defending Your Life

As I watched, I also thought of the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. When you see the movie, you'll no doubt understand why I feel all the foregoing have some bearing on Illusion.

My praise shares good company: no less a luminary than Francis Ford Coppola lauds the film, as does What the Bleep Do We Know!? director, Mark Vicente.

Check the Spiritual Cinema Network for a location near you; Illusion is being shown in many new-thought churches around the US, such as The Center for Spiritual Living and Unity. Or request the film come to your area (that's how What the Bleep took off: by word of mouth.)

It's time to bring dying into the Light. This film takes a sensitive and soul-inspiring look at what's possible when we open our hearts to all that really matters in life: LOVE.

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