Monday, March 26, 2007

The Energy of Partnership, Local and Global

We're living in a time where our thoughts and desires can instantly manifest, if we allow this to be our reality. All the lightkeepers whom I reference in these postings say this, yet I find that in my own life, manifestation is most effortless and instantaneous when I simply have the thought, with no attachment whatsoever to outcome. Then, whether it's something simple and small or simple and huge, realization is easy. Of course, this faith-full relaxed approach, the not-doing, is generally my/our greatest challenge!

Here's a small example: over the weekend, I was writing my April e-newsletter, What Shines. After drafting the main article, I wondered what to include for the follow-through section, called "Shine On." Knowing something appropriate would arrive, I went to a local park, and soon bumped into an acquaintance who gives talks and workshops focused on feminine spirituality. She invited me to walk with her.

Anne shared how she was in a deep depression after a recent presentation. Her story dovetailed precisely with the subject of my newsletter, and, as we co-created a healing outcome, she said lightheartedly before driving away, "Well, shine on!" She has never read the newsletter ~ but you'll need to, to discover the amazing synchronicities and blessings of this encounter. And yes, her story became the Shine On segment.

On a grander scale, South Africa's Celia Fenn writes that as part of her commitment to New Earth energies, she will be traveling to the Netherlands in April to "hold workshops in partnership with Jhadten Jewall from Canada, Dionne Hogen from the Netherlands and Ian Henderson, who lives in Holland and is originally from the UK. We will work with ascension, transformation, global networking energies, twin flame unions and the cetacean/human partnership."

This sounded so major to me I wondered why I wasn't traveling globally as well, until I remembered that it's the thought behind any action that matters. Celia says, "For all of us, the challenge now is to really 'walk our talk' and make the shift into New Earth consciousness. We need to take our power and remember who we are. We are powerful creators and it is time to co-create with Spirit, the world that we have dreamed and desired.

"As Archangel Michael (whom she channels) keeps saying, it is a choice, and a choice we will still need to make every day in this period. We can choose to be in the lower dimensions of fear and chaos, or we can choose to be in the higher dimensions of love and peace. It is always our choice. It takes great courage and strength to make the choice for peace and love, even when those around you make other choices. Remember, we are still living between two worlds, and will do so for a while. It is up to us to keep 'tuning' our energy to the New Earth, and not to get caught up in the dramas of the old."

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