Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's a Wand-erful Life

March is both magical and madcap, as Karen Bishop's latest alert makes abundantly clear. Yet all this wildness is part of our global rebirth, arriving at last in the higher vibrational realms we're worked for, for so very long. Now it feels glorious, giddy even. And I feel exactly as she describes: I just wanna play!

Living as a New Nomad can be a blessing when this wanderlust feeling begins to envelope the masses. The highly unusual lifestyle that's been the source of so much angst and joy is being accepted with "unconditional surrender" by many newer nomads now, and I applaud you all! If you're wondering (rather than wandering) what I'm referring to, please enjoy my article, just published on Planetlightworker.com: The New Nomads: Spiritual Sojourners with a Global Vision.

And, I also am honored to now be the steward of three hand-crafted Atlantean Wands, to be used for personal and planetary healing and empowerment. It seems a bit odd to say I "own" them, any more than one "owns" a pet; especially as I will be the conduit through which, through focused Intent, the Wands will do Spirit's work. I am just learning how best to dance with these transformational tools; if you are interested in learning more, or in co-creating a session, please get in touch.

Blessed Be! Stay free, glow with the flow!

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