Friday, March 23, 2007

Skidding Among the Stars

Astrologer Tara Greene calls our March celestial madness cosmic lemonade, and promises today and tomorrow will be brighter than the past weeks have felt (boy, have I felt it! Not a decent night's sleep since about 3/13...). Watch out for a backlash on Sunday, though. It's all Pluto plunging the depths to clear us out for the new ~ not to mention a couple of potent eclipses in the mix, and planets with opposite energies pulling on us simultaneously. It's enough to make anyone opt for a different orbit!

Here's a summary of Tara's current wisdom:

Sat. March 24th - Moon trines Neptune at 2:02 pm EDT - This is lovely lovely lovely. Meditate, soothe your over-wired brain. Take a nap in the afternoon and have powerful dreams and inspirations. Most great inventions came to Einstein, Singer, etc. in dreams and reveries—waking dreams! Paint a picture, write poetry, go to a poetry rave. see a play. Emotions may be in the head and airy here but coming from a higher level of Piscean bliss.

Sun. March 25 - Moon opposes Pluto at 3:57 am EDT - This is always a dangerous aspect. The tsunami in Indonesia and the World Trade Center bombings both occurred under this lunation. This one may be especially potent at the Galactic Center. Fierce storms and high winds, tornadoes, etc., will make the news. Airline crashes also likely; late night arguments that seem to pull you into a black hole. We may feel that all our thinking and consciousness will eventually be sucked down into that huge cosmic toilet bowl called The Void. Can be depressing, but the only cure is to go into the black hole. The tricky part is getting out. But if you dare to do it, there are huge rewards as long as you go as a humanitarian explorer, leaving your ego on the doorstep of the event horizon.

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