Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Aries in Action

With the New Moon in Aries (and my Moon in Aries) I've been feeling the tug to fast-forward my life in a really major way, the past week especially. Last Friday night, when I was randomly (I thought!) cruising accelerator artist Bryan de Flores' website, I noticed he was offering a Masters of the Universe Ambassador Training (is that an Aries-inspired title, or what?), this coming week for 3 days, and again in early May. Both events were sold out.

Fortunately, that's never stopped me before. I e-mailed him saying Spirit had directed me to contact him on the chance there might be a cancellation, as I felt strongly called to participate. The May 2-4 event would be best.

Well, Bryan e-mailed back Saturday morning saying, there was indeed a last-minute opening...for the training starting this Wednesday. I gleefully responded, "OK, I'm in!" I'll be on the road a bit later today...and will report in next week, after I've mastered how to be an even better player for the planet.

This is how the magic is moving now: we are in the flow, and it's a swift current. Sometimes it manifests as tragedy, like the horrific massacre in Virginia yesterday, not to mention the weekend of intense storms in New England. It's part of the Great Purification at this turning of the Ages, long prophesied by the Maya, the Hopi, and numerous other peoples with access to the ancient wisdom. The keynote is change, but what that "looks like" will be up to each of us.

My East Coast astrologer friend Judy Goldberg sent links to some other helpful Aries astro info, closing her e-mail with the incisive message, "Tuesday is kick-off day. The Universe is behind your actions. Get moving!"

May you dance yourself deLightedly into ever more expansive Divine expression, this New Moon and always...


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