Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Poetic Perspective on Letting Go with Grace

What Shines subscriber Susan Schwartz shared a truly poetic response to the April newsletter, which focuses on stepping up to the transformational plate collectively, surrendering our minds to our hearts. May her words resound for you:

"You are broadcasting on galactic frequencies—
Tuning and focusing thoughts...

Just tonight, before I read your newsletter, I spent the
Evening with my mom
(the Passover Seder)
A story of rebirth, passage though narrow places.

We speak of young people 'coming of age'
But the truth is, we 'come of age' at many times in our lives.
Each stage a leaving behind of the old
And entering the new

When we are born
When our bodies leave childhood
When we leave home
Join another
Have children
Watch children leave
And, the most profound,
When we lose, almost completely
Who we once knew ourselves to be
And become unknown to ourselves
Free from the confines of our memories
The experience, knowledge that shaped our memories
And self perceptions
Free to create, re-design and imagine new stories
For ourselves
New places we’ve been and are
Every moment new
We lose one mind,
But find another – or others

A true coming of age
Entering a new era
Filled with possibility
Each one alive for a minute or a moment
And then, re-created again.

Thank you for
Your words, guidance and light.

It is, as always,

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