Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jupiterian Judgment: the Good, the Bad, the Wild!

As we celebrate both the Jewish Passover and Christian Easter, it's a potent time to evaluate where we want to be free and resurrected in our lives. Intuitive astrologer Tara Greene, whose wise and witty readings rain down from Canada to enliven my Spirit regularly, has an especially juicy jolt from Jupiter, now retrograding in its home sign of Sagittarius:

"Jupiter retro’s mambo for 4 months asks us to re-examine our loftiest goals, aims and spiritual desires. Are we shooting our arrows to the highest peaks, shooting our mouths off or shooting ourselves in the foot? Are we following our truth and understanding the dictates of the Spirit? Are we a tad too judgmental? Are we too breezy easy and optimistic?

Are we truly listening to spirit? Are we growing, expanding, taking risks? What do we gamble with too much? Where do we need to reign in our ever-expanding appetites for more? In our quest for learning, what are we truly learning? How is Justice serving us? Let’s look at politics—do our 'elected' politicians and world leaders serve our needs, or we theirs? Has the state of the world/your life got you wondering when the last time you felt truly optimistic was? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and have some fun, take a break, go to Vegas or Niagara Falls for a coupla days. Eat what you want when you want it. Take up sports, get a new pet, take a course and learn a foreign language.

Learn to tango, plan an exotic adventure now, move it, groove it, get exhilarated with the chase, and by all means ride a horse, remember your animal nature. Everybody’s doin’ the brand new dance now! - The Trot - the dancercise craze of 2007! Trot it to the grocery store, trot it to the bank, trot it in the city streets, let your flanks quiver, polish your hooves, whinny, shake your glossy mane, and get galloping into this big adventure called your Life!"

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