Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cosmic Serenity

Listening to Caroline Casey's Visionary Activist Radio Show on KPFA Thursday afternoons is always revivifying, especially so when she duets with other astrological talent, as she did today with Dale "DocChiron" O'Brien.

An authority on planetary body Chiron (which holds a special spot in my heart since I was born with Chiron, often depicted as the archetypal wounded healer, conjunct my Sun), O'Brien was discussing the shifting Saturn and Uranus patterns now. Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure and status quo, turns direct on April 19th. Uranus is the wild child of the zodiac who heralds the eclectic and electric ~ and is also my ruling planet, as an Aquarian!

He suddenly said, "One way to look at Saturn, Uranus and Chiron in a soundbite is the Serenity Prayer:

'Accept the things I cannot change' ~ that's Saturn
'Courage to change the things I can' ~ that's Uranus
'The wisdom to know the difference' ~ that's Chiron."

How enLighening. I'll never hear the Serenity Prayer in quite the same way again...

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