Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Light Shining Through: On Elections and Evolution

The current issue of Spirit Crossing e-zine contains two deeply insightful articles by experts in their respective fields: astrologer Judy Goldberg and intuitive Penny Peirce.

Judy's piece, Election 2008: The New American Revolution, describes how America's celestial cartography mirrors what takes place in the political and cultural arena, and delineates how the current historic political drama defines who we are now as a country and as a people. A highly practical application of astrological influences to life on earth: "as above, so below."

Penny's piercing article details a vivid dream she had over a decade ago, a classic "Big Dream" that portended our global evolutionary direction. Becoming Transparent: Preparing to Live in the Permanent Present Moment movingly depicts how the more we become "transparent" — detached from ego and personal history — the more light we allow to shine through us, and thus to unify us with the All. Her dream reminds me of several prescient Star Trek TV episodes from many years ago, in which releasing anger and resistance were key to survival. As above, so below.


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