Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weaving the Wisdom

One of the joys of writing my monthly inspirational newsletter, What Shines, is the fabulous feedback from readers, which often expands upon the theme in unexpected and enlightening directions.

The April issue, entitled The Web We Weave, focuses on the spiritual insight I gained from a recent spider bite to my nose, and the meaning of Spider medicine in indigenous and shamanic circles. Canadian subscriber Eileen Balint sent me this e-mail after digesting what I shared. Enjoy her brilliant offering, published here with permission, of course:

I began to think about your spiderness.

I saw you flying through the air with the greatest of ease ...
Tethered (if you will) to earth and all her seas.
A spiderling ballooning upon dragline silk,
Born of a proto-hub, manna and milk. *

* Born of a proto-hub, manna (pineal) and milk (Milky Way galaxy).

How to make a spider web ... how to weave a living tapestry called life:

1. Dragline Silk: The First Thread (Anchor Threads?)
2. The Proto-Hub
3. The Proto-Radii
4. The (Primary) Frame Thread (the first frame thread is called The Bridge Thread)
5. The Proper Radii
6. Secondary Frame Thread
7. Secondary Radii
8. The Circling of the Hub
9. The Auxillary or Temporary Spiral (tough NON sticky silk)
10. The Sticky (or Capture) Spiral (Zschokke 1993) (sticky, elastic silk) - u turns

The Primary Framethread/The Bridge Thread
The Secondary Frame Thread

The Auxillary/Temporary Spiral (tough non-sticky thread)
The Capture/Sticky Spiral

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