Thursday, April 09, 2009

Are You Allergic — Or Toxic?

This time of year, many people plunge into abject misery due to the proliferation of pollens and other allergens. But what if your "allergies" actually have a more serious and sinister cause?

As you may know, I spent years spiraling into severe chemical toxicity, a condition conventional medicine not only does not recognize, but denigrates. Yet a growing number of people everywhere are becoming reactive to the many chemicals in common use today — only a fraction of which have been tested and approved as "safe".

I've just published a series of brief articles on to help you reclaim your health. Though the site is focused on women, this particular issue affects us all:

Allergic — Or Toxic?
From Harmful to Harmony: 5 Steps to Allergy-Free Personal Care
From Harmful to Harmony: 8 Steps to An Allergy-Free Home
How To Buy Smarter

I'll be doing a teleclass in July on self-care and health care ~ more details as we get closer!

Here's to your abundant good health ...


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