Monday, April 06, 2009

The Cosmic Egg

"Exovo omnia." Everything from an egg. ~ William Harvey

When I was taking those first tentative steps towards awakening in 1989-90, I visited a woman who did soul readings. While this is much more commonplace today, the idea sounded quite exotic to me then. I drove north (to the town I now call home) and met with a lovely woman who had me first envision a color (I saw deep magenta), then instructed me to allow it to seep slowly into my body, and to pay attention to where it did not go. In my mind's eye I suddenly saw the classic ram's head, a symbol for woman (fallopian tubes), exclaimed, "Oh, it's the egg!" and burst into tears.

I understand now that I was experiencing a deep re-membering of who I am, who we are, where we come from: the nature of the Cosmic Egg. As we approach Easter in these tumultuous "end times" of our current evolutionary cycle, the great template of all possibility has never been stronger. Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn articulates what this occasion means now:

"As the Collective Vibration increases, and as the Christ Light intensifies in each Heart and on the Heart Grid, so the 'Cosmic Egg' is activated to create new Potentials and Possibilities for life on a Higher Level of Consciousness and Existence. This means, Beloved Family of Light, that the Earth is ready to create new life forms and to sustain new codes of life and new technologies that support those codes in a more loving and abundant way.

"And, we remind you that this great leap forward is only made possible by the Unconditional Love that unifies your Hearts on the new Unified heart Grid. It is the 'Harmony of One' that magnifies the Golden Christ Light. For indeed, the Golden Flame of Abundance is the Sacred Twin Flame energy of the Divine Masculine and Feminine united in Sacred Union. In this Sacred Space of Divine Love, all things are possible and all potentials are revealed. You need only ask, and it is given.

"In this month of April, many on the Earth celebrate the festival of Easter, or 'Astarte' as it was originally known. In its manifestation as the festival of the Divine Goddess Astarte, it was indeed associated with the Cosmic Egg and New Beginnings, and this echo is still felt in the custom of eggs given as gifts at Easter Time.

"In its Christian manifestation, it is associated with the death and resurrection of Yeshua, the avatar who carried the Divine Masculine Christ Light. Know that this sacred story also symbolizes the renewal of life through the power of the Christ Light on Earth. For the Golden Light, when it is held in perfect balance, activates the Cosmic Egg or Global Blueprint, and new life and energy is born at a Higher Level of Awareness. This is the process that we call 'Ascension', as the Collective Consciousness embraces a Higher 'Overtone' of Light and activates new possibilities and potentials within the Cosmic Egg of Light."

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