Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to Raise Your Energy

One of the best instant mood elevators is recognizing and appreciating something you take for granted in your life. It sounds simple, and ~ it really works. Here's an example:

Last weekend I participated in an EFT class (Emotional Freedom Technique). I've done a lot of clearing over the years, and am always open to learning new technologies to take my life to the next level. I've known about EFT for a decade, but never really took the time to learn it. Just a brief note because this is important to my story: EFT involves tapping on "energy meridians" of the body using two fingers of either hand. Another term for it is "acupuncture without needles." But you do need fingers. Which you probably don't give a second thought to, right?

Just as the class began, two people walked in and sat down in the circle. There were 12 of us in all. One of the last two to enter was an older gentleman with truncated arms. Each hand was missing a thumb, and I think perhaps a finger as well. Yet he took notes like the rest of us, and did his best to learn the tapping sequences ~ sometimes asking the class facilitator how best to adapt a given instruction for his unique situation.

Fresh from that humbling experience, I went to Whole Foods for a snack, and stood next to two delightful, energetic girls who were communicating in both sign language and speech. They wore hearing aids. I'll tell you, I was nearly in tears by then, thanking Spirit for blessing me with the abundant gifts in my life. Yes, I'm dealing with some major challenges ~ as are we all ~ and this day flipped me effortlessly onto a trampoline of gratitude. I just kept bouncing back to wholeness.

May you see clearly how blessed you truly are, and allow this awareness to elevate you whenever you feel squeezed, which is pretty much the theme of now (and will be the subject of my March newsletter).


jacquelyn said...

greetings Amara!!
I was introduced to EFT about a year ago when the local teacher of tapping, Nancy Southern, here on Orcas Island demonstrated and taught this technique to a group of women. I am so grateful to have been sitting at that meeting for I have been tapping my through challenges every since. We all are so blessed to receive the tools we need....
I am fwding her the link to this!
In Love and Light, Jacquita Banana de Maya

Liberty said...

Thank you so much for this poignant reminder of how blessed I truly am!!