Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Law of Attractiveness? Susan Boyle Brings Down the House

The music scene ~ at least in Great Britain ~ has been knocked sideways in the last few years by breakthrough talent in unassuming packaging: first Paul Potts singing Nessun Dorma, and now, 47-year-old Susan Boyle, serenading the judges of Britain's Got Talent with I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables.

Thanks to the internet, Susan is suddenly a global sensation, and seems assured of a record deal regardless of whether she wins the 2009 competition or not.

What I find fascinating is that in both cases, "everyday" people ~ unpolished, whom audience members regarded with something less than reverence — until they began to sing ~ created a complete a shift in perspective as their gift was recognized. Suddenly, ugly ducklings transformed into swans.

Could this be Spirit's way of showing us, with its usual inimitable good humor, that beneath the surface we are all incredible beings with undiscovered brilliance?

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