Friday, June 10, 2005

From Cranky to Cranked Up

We knew this year would be a flume ride, but thankfully, we're about to surf the waves for awhile instead of continuing to get slam-dunked. Astrologer Mark Krueger, who has a whimsical way with words, says that as of this week, "The trudge through the sludge is lifting. You can get on with your life in a more direct way. The world will respond more in alignment with you now. Easy going if you please.

"Plan and act now. Be intentional and serendipity comes your way. Snuggle rather than struggle. Giggle with the gaggles. Hop on Pop. Skip to your new my darlin'. Goodness gracious glory be."

Enjoy his full report (and weekly updates) at In 2 Light

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