Sunday, June 19, 2005

Healing HQ: Full Spectrum Health Wisdom

Looking for a hub of free health wisdom that covers the full range of possibilities: body, mind, spirit, people, planet, breaking news, and much more? Healing Headquarters, which officially opens on July 1st, is "Your daily guide to a better life!", just as the online community's tag says.

In addition to a daily dose of well-written, timely articles, Healinghq offers reviews, message boards, an events calendar, downloads, and a resource directory that includes links to practitioners, non-profit organizations, books, tapes/CDs, environmental and spiritual websites, and more.

Here are my contributions thus far:

Chocolate-Covered Prunes: Clarifying Your Intent
From Deadlines to Lifelines: How to Live Your Light
Spiraling Home
Walking His Talk: John Francis' Silent Pilgrimage for Environmental Action

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