Saturday, June 25, 2005

Midsummer Magic

These very cool Solstice clearing rituals are courtesy of Steve Nelson, e-mail:


Snakes are said to shed their skins at Midsummer.
Shadow stuff comes up for clearing now, this is how:

* Clockwise movement or whirling to clear psychic cobwebs, strengthen connection between divine spirit and heart of the world.
* Focusing on the light over your head, your soul star, while breathing deeply and visualizing a wish, dream, ideal.
* Stretching with extended breath to release stuck physical energy and clear psychic channels.
* Free form dancing, surrendering to spirit (after clockwise turning).
* Swimming, full body immersion in water for emotional clearing.
* Leaping a fire or candle flame while bringing to mind what needs to be let go.


* Whatever needs to be released from self or society comes up each year at Summer Solstice/Midsummer, and in the noon hour each day.
* Country people favor this time (June 21-25) for weeding gardens, as this is when vital energy is most up and out of the roots.
* Midsummer is also the best time for "weeding" undesirable psychic patterns, as little energy remains in our subconscious roots.
* Bad habits can more easily be eliminated and emotional attachments more readily broken at this turning time of the year.
* All that's needed for releasing is simple circular movement, clockwise turning and fire leaping.

Steve reminds us that if we haven't yet done a Solstice dance or fire leaping ritual, the two weeks following Solstice are an especially powerful window. So we've got until July 4th to dance the fire in our own unique way...and then we'll be ready for the fireworks (for Independence Day, in the US).

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