Thursday, January 19, 2006

Goddess of Love and Beauty Returns As Morning Star

The planet Venus returns from her journey to the Underworld to rise tomorrow as the Morning star. This heliacal rise (which means, "ahead of the Sun") occurs, appropriately enough, with the dawning of Aquarius, which happens at 12:15 a.m. on January 20th, according to my We'Moon daily calendar, subtitled "In the Spirit of Love".

This IS the dawning of the age of Aquarius, a time of sacred reUnion, when we have the possibility and opportunity to expand our definition of Love, to become truly inclusive rather than exclusive.

Here's an excerpt from my article, Deep "E"-cology, about the Age of Aquarius:

"Heaven on Earth exists in being fully alive in the infinite Now. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, as The Fifth Dimension sang back in 1969. They were early messengers, carrying our Divine Blueprint via the medium of music.

"Let's revisit the lyrics: 'When the Moon is in the seventh house.' In Western astrology, the Moon is symbolic of feminine, receptive energy, what we draw in; the seventh house is about intimate interaction with other people. I've dubbed this new way of relating a call to yinify: that is, to unify in the Divine Feminine essence.

"'And Jupiter aligns with Mars.' Jupiter is the planet of expansion, of expressing our truth through storytelling; Mars is the planet of pure desire and, when dishonored, of war. To have them align means telling ourselves a new, expansive story: transmuting war in the alchemical fire into spiritual warriorhood.

"Then, as the group sang, 'Peace will guide the planets/And love will steer the stars.'

"How clear the message becomes, once we are able to truly hear. The battle cries dim; the masks fall off. A layer of separation evaporates as we become transparent to the truth of who we are. People start to seem somehow familiar, even though we've never met them before. It's the resonant déjà vu of realizing there are no strangers. 'Service with a smile' suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

"Getting there calls for a subtle shift in perception and behavior: from require to inquire, from escalate to elevate, from accumulate to appreciate. As we cease consuming planetary resources and each other at the speed of greed, let go of buying more in favor of being more, we reclaim our true heritage as Earth stewards. And then barrenness transmutes into bounty. Separation into synergy. Fear into faith. Longing into Love."

And finally...Venus returns on a Friday, a day which has always been her own. Let the lovin' start!

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