Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well Come Home!

From an inspirational site known as WOW Zone (for Wishing Only Well) come these uplifting ideas on the final day of the 42-day global Go Gratitude experiment:

"Do you realize that if you Wish ONLY Well, you can create your own world into what you wish? And what is your own world? It's the place in life where you are: your present conditions, circumstances, family, friends, work, environment - in other words, your LIFE. 

"By Wishing ONLY Well, you make your own world AND the whole world better.

"It's neither altruistic nor's logical! You reap what you sow. Of course that doesn't mean that exactly what you did will be done to you. That would be too easy. It means that you will never know the exact moment that you will shine or will fall, depending on how you live your life. Choose the high road, and expect the best.

"You create your own world, and by extension the whole world, every minute."

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