Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wealth Wisdom: The Consciousness of Money

From a very interesting website called comes this intriguing perspective on tithing, something most of us have heard about but may rarely practice. Site founder Yehuda Berg writes,

"Many people do not remember that money is under the realm of spirituality. Money is one of the purest forms of energy there is because money is energy in potential. It can be as a seed, and when used positively and proactively, it will reveal enormous Light.

"To protect the money you have and bring more sustenance to your life, do something called tithing. The historical word 'tithe' is related to the Hebrew word eser, which means 'ten.' Tithing is giving away 10 percent of the net profit you earn.

"The foundation of tithing is based on a spiritual principle that reality is divided into ten levels of consciousness. The lowest level is material reality, called malchut, an expression of desire for oneself alone. These ten levels also exist within your financial sustenance, so by giving away 10 percent of your earnings, this allows you to disconnect from the desire to receive for yourself alone - the malchut level - and to connect instead with the elevated levels of spiritual energy already present in your money.

"Tithing is like entering into a silent partnership with the Light. It is not really about giving in the sense you might expect. It's more about transforming the negative presence (the malchut portion) in your earnings. In this way, the remaining 90 percent of your wealth is infused with the power of the Light and cannot be touched by darkness.

"Try it, for this is the ideal month. The baser nature of Capricorn is to 'hold on tight' to money, so the very act of overcoming this desire now will reveal tremendous Light. As with everything else in spirituality, experience it for yourself to truly grasp the power of the correspondence."

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