Monday, January 02, 2006

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You: Transmute Now and Avoid the Rush!

Clairvoyant, prolific author and spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue, channeling Archangel Michael, says, "2006 will be exactly of your own choosing. Each of us will have different experiences with 2006, according to how we handle the new energy.

"2006 brings in a new level of energy that perfectly mirrors our thoughts, our reality. The angels call this new energy elastic. The theme of 2006 is, What You Put Out There, Is What Comes Back To You. If you say kind things about other people, then other people will say kind things about you. If you are generous with others, then others will be generous with you. If you expect doors of opportunity to open for you, they will. Conversely, if you think or say anything negative about people, the world, government, or Anything ... the negativity will immediately come back to you.

"This is a year where all of our spiritual lessons are called into action. We will all receive more divine guidance, clearly and easily. If we follow this guidance without delay, we find ourselves gliding along the flow of a fun, healthy, and prosperous new year. If we ignore the guidance, we wonder if we are being tested, ignored, or punished.

"2006 will be like living in a house of mirrors. Whatever you expect to see, you will see. Whatever you send into the mirror, will instantly reflect back to you. The new energy is clear, high, and bright ... and is a wonderful opportunity to experience heaven upon earth.

"Make time to positively visualize and affirm your wishes and desires. Feel gratitude that they are already manifest and don't worry about how they will come into material form. Since we are all one in truth, whatever you wish for yourself is what you wish for others as well. The reverse is also true: whatever you wish for another is what you wish for yourself.

"You can call upon the Archangels Michael and Jophiel for help in releasing any negative tendencies that you would like to leave behind. The angels will transmute the underlying fear beneath the negativity. In place of the fear, the angels will help you to feel loved in all ways.

"I see and feel grateful that you are peaceful, feeling loved and loveable, completely healthy, prosperous, and enjoying a meaningful career based upon your natural talents, passions, and interests. I see and feel grateful that the planet is peaceful, the environment is clean, that all people and animals have their needs met and are treated with love and compassion. I see and feel grateful that all residents of this planet enjoy the best year ever in 2006!"


The Pathways of Desire

I had an experience of this mirroring just a few hours ago. Shopping for groceries in Whole Foods, I was distracted by a woman popping a piece of chocolate into her mouth. Chocolate is probably my only vice, and a weakness at certain times of the Moon cycle. As I ambled over to the bakery section, there were tantalizing samples of dark chocolate brownies waiting for my tongue.

But as I expressed my desire along with my reluctance to give in to the sugar craving, knowing it lowers immunity, Terra, the sweet young woman behind the counter, began telling me how she definitely agreed, saying she knows the mochas she drinks in the morning and sweets she eats regularly are contributing to her bladder infections. Since I have a long health history that includes bladder infections, candida overgrowth, and severe environmental toxicity, I was happy to offer what counsel and insight I could.

She, in turn, began focusing on how much better she feels when she does yoga and eats well, and we commiserated over the high price of organic food due to the current lack of support for organic farmers. By the time we finished talking, I said, "You know, I can resist this brownie now; it no longer appeals to me." And she thanked me for inspiring her to take better care of her health as well.

Terra had asked me early on, "How do we overcome our cravings?" I think we answered that question together: by shifting the focus, so that the pathways of desire (a wonderful phrase that's the title of a book of short stories by Ursula LeGuin) support our highest good. The better we feel, the more we'll crave that good feeling, and the more our desires will flow in the direction of fulfillment on every level.

Blessed Be!

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