Sunday, October 01, 2006

New to the Core

E/merging from September is a bit like stepping out of a blast furnace, newly forged in the alchemical fire. Two respected wayshowers for these transitional times cite how the shift is affecting them, and us:

Allison Rae, who has published The Alignments Newsletter since 1999, received clear guidance to stop. During her "unplanned sabbatical," she "quite unexpectedly contacted a level of being new in this lifetime yet thoroughly familiar, a vast interdimensional space accessed via Vishnunabi, the Galactic Core.

"Merging with this level of raw creation energy catalyzed an ecstatic internal reconfiguration that it took the entire eclipse period of September to integrate.

"This initiation had everything to do with Pluto's transit of Sagittarius and the Galactic Center, the September eclipse series, and a personal transit of Uranus conjunct my natal 9th house Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces.

"The passage obliterated my operating paradigm and shattered my perceptions. At the same time, it reaffirmed my most fundamental beliefs. Through this gateway, infinite new realities are born.

"Creation necessarily involves destruction. This is the myth of Kali and the Dark Madonna. It's how Pluto operates. We must sacrifice everything to attain the state of no-being-ness required so that we may create purely from Essence.

"With Pluto's help, everything can change in the wink of an eye. Pluto's conjunction with the Galactic Center in 2006-2007 opens the cosmic floodgate. This passage shatters our assumptions and opens us to greater understanding of the nature of reality and our true purpose.

"Through this gateway, a most profound connection with Source is possible. Much will be destroyed in the process." It is a process of living into our vastness, allowing our greatness to shine. Allison says, "Like Sagittarius the archer, we need to aim higher, reach for the stars, return in consciousness to our true home."

Allison's new, vaster version of Aligments is Cosmic Time. Check it out.

Meanwhile, Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn affirms what many of us have been feeling for awhile: Time has changed.

Now, I usually think my exhaustion or anger is due to living nomadically for so-so-so long, but/and, I'm also a vessel for the cosmic shift. Michael says,

" many people say to us, 'I do not feel like a Master, and I feel lost and confused', or they say, 'I never have time to do anything anymore and I am always tired. Whatever happened to time?'

"Well, dearest ones, it is true that as you moved into the new Fifth-Dimensional Matrix, time accelerated as your vibration was lifted and raised. But we would also like to explain to you what has happened with your perception of time.

"You have become multi-dimensional Crystal beings or Human Angels. Your energy flows freely though all your energy and physical forms. Now, previously, you were in the habit of repressing unpleasant emotions and feelings, and not dealing with complex situations. You would 'hide' in work, or play, or addictions. But now, you are learning to deal with every emotion and feeling that arises, so that you may be a clear channel for Divine Essence, with no blocks or repressions.

"So, indeed, much of your time is now taken up with processing deep feelings and emotions. Many of you have considerable 'backlogs' and are having to process and release some quite old issues in order to reach the clarity of heart and mind that will allow you to emerge as fully Crystal or Christed beings - the true Masters of Light.

"And so, as you work to process these feelings, you do experience confusion, anxiety and even exhaustion. But we say, dearest Lightworkers, allow this process and be patient. Soon you will see the rewards and feel the benefits as you emerge into clarity and peace."

Rest easy, dear hearts! October is going to be an easier month, and then we skate into another powerful 11:11 Stargate in November...

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