Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cosmic Cement

As usual, Karen Bishop has her intuitive pulse on our planetary body. In her latest alert, she describes our "rungs of rising frequencies" as feeling a bit like an evolutionary topple backwards. Many lightworkers no longer feel guided as we once did, because the times are no longer a-changin' — we've raised collective consciousness to the necessary level of critical mass (attained in August 2005); now, the work is about creating what a Planet of Light "looks like."

Not exactly a 3D job description.

So we're looking inward more than ever before, because that's where the true guidance is coming from, now. It's about integrating and collaborating with our global siblings and with Gaia Herself, in co-creating a whole new concept of what a "regular life" is in 3D. We have the blueprint. We have that knowledge. We're all becoming master artisans. And October is the month we cement in the changes September wrought.

This is elemental evolution, beloveds! What joy!

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