Friday, October 20, 2006

Don't Get Stung In Your Sleep!

The energetic shifts just keep on comin', like ocean waves. As an Aquarian, pictured pouring out the Uranian electric currents of change, it's sometimes easier to sense what's happening...but not necessarily any easier to ride the waves without getting wet!

Canadian astrologer Tara Greene refers to the upcoming Scorpio season as "Scorpio overdose", or S.O.D. Six planets will be in Scorpio by month's end--and then we catapult into one of Mercury's tri-annual retrograde periods! Intriguingly, Tara observes that the amount of time we're in Mercury Rx coincides with how long humans spend asleep.

She writes, "It's as if the Universe gives us time for our brains to cool off, relax, rest, repose. Mercury Retrograde is the Universe's way of saying, your mind needs a break, you can't always be fast-forwarding, you need downtime before you can go on. It's Divine Intelligence fine-tuning things, balancing and operating in a harmonious way. Mercury retrogrades are a great time to rehash, relax, rethink, redevelop, re-invent, review, rest, and all the other 'Re-' words."

We come out of retrograde on November 17th, but things won't really begin forward motion again until December 5th...just in time for the holiday season.

So as it's now powerfully time to release and let go, Tara suggests doing your Christmas shopping NOW--or wait till the second week of December.

Grab your surfboards, and let's enjoy the cleansing waters!

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