Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Psychic Baggage Claim Time!

Traveling through this Mercury Rx in Scorpio feeling just a little drenching to you? I've watched myself have hoof-in-mouth dis-ease more than once since the planet that rules communication began its trip through the Shadowland.

It's an immersion for deep cleansing, reminds astrologer Tara Greene. I adore her languaging. Here's an excerpt from her latest astro update:

"Scorpio is the land of the shades, the shadow world, the Unconscious, 'Land of the Dead', whose psychic imprints haunt us. This land is the humus, the fertilizing matter, or mater, mother of the unconscious world, the dream world. This is where new growth and energies are liberated from to take new forms, more positive forms, and be released, releasing us from their unconscious hold over our lives.

"Go down. Don't go up, out, higher, beyond or consume. Go directly into your deepest darkest fears, do not pass Go. Stop. Go into your shadow material, the old baggage, hurts, angers, projections, judgments because like the old pulp fiction super-hero-'the shadow knows.'

"No matter how 'lily-white' colonically irrigated, spiritually purified, no matter how much yoga you do, raw foods you eat, miles you jog, mantras you've intoned, substances you've given up, prayers you've done...Unless you've really achieved full enlightenment—which is already a seed planted with you—I bet donuts to dollars that you've still got an itsy bitsy teenie-weenie bikini of a shadow lurking in your psychological closet on the floor in the dust bunnies.

"We've all got 'em, shadows & dust bunnies (unless you are a Virgo). My best advice is to embrace them, acknowledge them, and transform them. It's all energy! We could power the world with shadow material if we harnessed it properly. I can see it now: Shadow Power lights up the World! Light and darkness are dual parts of the same God/Goddess.

"Let the tears come up and flow, Scorpio is a water sign and water dissolves all hardness. Water moistens and perpetuates growth in nature. We are nature. When we pay attention to this unconscious 'garbage'—refuse. There's those important puns again.

"Refuse means literally what was refused. Not integrated, relegated to the shadows. This unclaimed baggage—which has been rotating on the baggage checks of Time—can now be claimed. Claimed baggage will be able to be opened up, aired out, all sorts of goodies you totally forgot about can be examined now. This is a psychic airing out of the dirty laundry. So 'rain or shine' get out their and air out those old harangues, hang those old 'shmatas', rags and garments on the clothesline. In doing so, admitting your own shadow to self or even to others, transforms those grey, drab, forlorn fragments, the warp and weft of human emotional experience into 'prayer flags.' Prayer flags are a Tibetan Buddhist (and Native American) concept—as the flags wave in the breeze their messages are sent off through the Wind Spirits, to the Heavens and the Boddhisatvas receive them and shower down their blessings upon us mere mortals.

"I would recommend getting a fabric pen and inscribing all your shadow material onto an old raggy piece of cloth, making this into a ritual and hanging it outside on a life line. This will bring an incredible sense of freedom from shame, guilt, regrets, and all the other 7 deadlies and more, initiating new growth, consciousness, and understanding. You are freeing up your shadow material and literally bringing it out into the Light of the World. This acknowledges the shadow and detaches 'you' from 'it.' Watch your transformed dirty laundry flutter in the breeze and feel free. You are."

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