Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Speaking in the Language Another Can Hear

Years ago, I learned the crucial importance of communicating in language that matched my audience's reality picture. Incredible shifts are possible when we build a bridge for the light to pour in.

Thanks to Alan Moore, founder of the Butterfly Gardener's Association, I've discovered an extraordinary article by Timothy Leary, that uses the caterpillar/butterfly evolutionary model to explain what's happening to humans.

This is not light reading, nor will it appeal to mass consciousness. But for those on the evolutionary edge, it's a drug-free mental roller coaster ride.

Here's an excerpt I especially enjoyed, that sounds a like like cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief:

"The evidence from astronomy, bio-chemistry, genetics, nuclear-physics, defines the true frontier of philosophy and religion. Scientific American is more 'far-out' than any occult magazine, the Periodic Table of Elements more prophetic than the Tarot deck. The nucleus of the atom is a realm more mysterious and omnicient than any theological fantasy. The cosmology of an expanding-universe-riddled-with-Black-Holes more bizarre than the eschatologies of Dante, Homer and Ramayana."

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