Friday, November 10, 2006

Shapeshifting the Cosmic Container

Saturn, the planet that informs structure here on Earth, has a storm swirling at its south pole. Scientists say they have never seen anything like this tempest, which possesses "an oddly human-looking hurricane-like eye"—yet does not behave like a terrestrial hurricane.

Hm. What immediately came to my mind is, the storm is centered at the south pole. In astrology, the north and south nodes relate to life lessons: North is where we're going, South is where we've been. I got excited thinking, perhaps this signifies that collectively, we've mastered the lessons of the current forms and structures on earth (domination, hierarchy, greed, aggression, etc.) and Saturn is therefore sending the old model down the cosmic drain!

The visual of the storm looks even more like a human eye than the Eye of God image taken by the Hubble telescope in 2003.

"As above, so below" has never been more clear.

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