Saturday, November 11, 2006

11:11 (Eleven A-Lovin')

Today is an incredible portal of opportunity, and Karen Bishop expresses what's up beautifully in her latest alert. We're integrating massive energetic shifts and releasing what no longer matches our higher vibrational frequencies.

This often means a financial shift, something I've been experiencing since emerging from my "dark night of the soul" in late '97. Trying to "make money" in the old ways that were once so successful for me is now like slogging through molasses: there is no longer any attunement to who and what I am, why I'm here.

I've known for awhile that the many mini "deaths" we're experiencing as we evolve would at some point include the death of money as a medium of exchange, and Karen validates this awareness. She writes, "We are identifying our storefronts, or the means and gateway for money to come to us. Until we are successfully and completely living in a non-monetary society, we will need money to support our next steps. These storefronts are in relation to our service to humanity. They will involve ways that we can generate funds so that we can be supported in setting up the next phase of living and being in the higher realms that involves no money at all.

"These storefronts, or arenas that greatly represent who we are and what we are about, also involve how we will be assisting humanity through this evolutionary process. We go back to the dimensional dividing line within our storefronts, as they will serve all levels of the evolving 3D reality, and then we will return to our lives and other creations in the higher realms. And know that our storefronts can be just about long as we are good at what we are doing, it fits us well, and provides a service to humanity."

So align with what your heart tells you is true today, and expect your new abundance to flow from this attuning.

To learn more about the 11:11, visit Solara's excellent site, The NVisible (there is a fee to subscribe to her Surf Reports, which is her main source of income). There's also good introductory information on the 11:11 Spirit Guardians site.

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