Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Peace and Potential: Kucinich's New Year's Message

If you've been reading the articles posted to my website, or this blog over the past two years, then you know I support Dennis Kucinich as the voice and choice for the people in 2008. He and his new wife Elizabeth have posted an uplifting New Year's message to the Kucinich campaign site. You can read the entire message, here:

Creating a Peaceful New Year

As Dennis is running on a peace platform (he helped launch the Department of Peace initiative, and is the only Presidential candidate who consistently voted against the Iraq war from the very beginning, without wavering on his position), it makes sense that their message is focused on building a peaceful world.

But it's the language Dennis uses that draws me like a moth to flame. Not since Kennedy (and I was too young then to recall his words live; this is my feeling based on what I've read and heard subsequently of JFK's addresses) have we had a president (or candidate) who speaks with an eloquence and energy to ignite our hearts and catalyze our minds to action! When I heard Dennis speak at Agape in 2003 I nearly wept, and I feel pretty much the same even reading his words in print. Here's the conclusion of their letter:

"Let us, in this annual celebration of our humanity, call forth the buoyant, expectant energies of the New Year and harness them to quicken the impulse toward positive change. The economic stability of our communities and the physical and spiritual health of our nation depend upon our commitment to practical paths toward renewal. That is the power which stands behind all New Year's resolutions.

Let us resolve, then, to join in a collective effort to create a new world. The Presidency becomes the catalyst for powerful, transformative change, a new American evolution, spiraling upward along paths of clarity, strength, vision, determination and action.

Let us collectively have a bright encounter with the energies of the New Year and make 2007 the year of which future generations will say: 'That is when the change began. That is when we began to create with courage a new nation and a new world.'"

And I say, AMEN! And A-HO!!

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