Friday, January 05, 2007

2007: The Year of Love Made Manifest

As more of us open our hearts wider and more deeply to the absolute truth of our being, the Love that we are fills our sacred vessel and spills over to nurture and nourish all. Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn says 2007 will be "The Year of Love Made Manifest on Earth," and that we'll experience radiance and luminosity in every aspect of our lives.

I know I've been feeling the energy of love and union coming in from all directions. In November I bought a "bind rune" called "To secure a true and lasting love" for a friend who is seeking her soul mate. While I've been calling in my planetary partner since 1998, I haven't really put focused energy into this intent, knowing he'll arrive in the ripe moment.

Yet a week later, when I returned to the same artist to buy a fabulous snake necklace, I found myself purchasing this love rune for myself. Within days, I felt called to enter a shop I've only been in once before, and immediately spied a wooden statue of a couple embracing. A few weeks after this, I found another such statue crafted in soapstone, in a thrift store. Even the postage stamps I just bought have a wedding theme! Clearly, 2007 is the year of LOVE LOVE LOVE on a grand scale, and I'm feeling it on both a personal and collective level.

Michael counsels: "Dearest ones, in this cycle of evolutionary growth, you will begin to truly understand the Great Gift of Love that you have been given in this transformation process. Becoming a Christed being and receiving the Twin Flame love into your Heart is the Miracle of Ascension.

"Beloved Ones - be aware of this wonderful mystery of your new Being as it unfolds. You see, many have had expectations about what your Ascension would be. They expected to become more psychic and more telepathic and better healers, and indeed these are part of the awakening into Light. But we say also, these expectations are based on the gifts already given in the past. All humans already have access to these gifts if they do not repress them or close them off. For the great teacher, Yeshua ben Josef, said that you would so all that he had done - and more! And so, the greatest gift of Ascension is the Twin Flame Love. When you begin to feel the flows of this energy and to understand its power and its gifts, then you will understand Ascension and what you are becoming. You are becoming gifts of Love within yourselves, even now, you are transforming and changing.....

"For, Ascension is about moving from a mind-based reality and ascending into a heart-based reality. Here, in the Temple of the Sacred Heart, you will find Love as you never imagined possible in human form. You will find this love within yourself, as the essence of who you are, and then you will learn to project this love into the exterior world as radiant luminous Love.

"And, when you have achieved that, then you will learn how to enter into radiant and joyous relationships in which that powerful light and love will be transmitted between partners as a way of making Love manifest on the material plane. But, this will not happen until you have learnt to balance and transmit the radiant love of Source first within yourself and through your Heart, and you have fully become "the Light of the World" within yourself. Then you can share that light with another. It is indeed a sacred gift as the two partners join their Sacred Heart temples and become ONE in the Radiance of Source."

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