Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spiritual Collateral

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in really nails it when she describes what's up in 2007 as "spiritual collateral" in her latest Center of the Sun newsletter. Beginning with the final weeks of 2006, with Pluto at the Galactic Center, she recounts what it was like for so many of us:

"Any place within you that was not strong enough to go to the next level was burned away. This has been a painful and sometimes a brutal process. You have experienced massive symptoms in your weakest areas, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Stomach and digestion and sinus areas were hard hit. Many of you have felt completely leveled and were not able to do anything but sit it out. Your nerves are toast . . . like you have post-traumatic stress syndrome, the cosmic type. Motivation, knowing what you want to do, and short-term memory have also been huge issues. Even in this intense testing ground, many of you FLEW HIGH while burning. It was blissfully painful. You vacillated between wild and beautiful dreams with not being able to sleep at all. You have risen. You are now the mythical phoenix rising from the burning ashes.

"You allowed yourself to sit with the burning . . . you felt it . . . and you learned from it. This has been an immense internal earthquake, and you have shifted and transmuted huge amounts of energy. You have aligned yourself to a higher frequency and one step closer to the new indescribable world ahead of you. Within the great depths of your consciousness, you were able to discover and put into action this higher state of awareness, and you have come to know and understand a deeper level of true compassion and unconditional love. You have also realized a deeper awareness of self worth. You will not tolerate being compromised again. You have amassed a great amount of spiritual collateral that you can now put into use.

"Many of you were asked to make HUGE choices in life that called on your deepest integrity and highest awareness. Some of these choices caused you great pain and were a huge turning point that will change your life and personal relationships with family and friends forever. Any personal relationship you had at this time that was not operating with truth and integrity was transmuted, many times by your own painful but right choices. You learned to apply tough love, a.k.a. unconditional love. These choices triggered divorce-like shifts for you. Divorces from family and friends that were feeding off your spiritual collateral.

"Let us explain further. Where you spend your spiritual collateral, your divine God-given energy, is exactly where the universe will give you more of that like energy. {This is the Law of Attraction at work}. If you spend your energy on a lost cause, or toss it into a bottomless pit, the universe will think you choose to waste your energy in this way, and give you more situations to waste your energy. You have learned to clearly see where you are wasting your energy. You have also learned how to stop this self destructive pattern."

The REALLY good news? We are now more conscious than ever before of being one soul family, and the old scripts are ash.

Aluna writes, "The bridge between you, your past and history has been crossed over and joyfully burned. You can now can let go of your painful past and reinvent yourself. You will no longer see the world through your wounds, pain or fears. You have taken another powerful step towards freedom and mastery. The collective balance is being tipped toward a higher vibration because of your commitment to impeccability. The more you act and live from this higher vibration, the quicker the rest of the world will follow suit. It has to. Expect that this is so, and it is. This isn't a miracle. It is simply the result of your hard work to stay positive and act from impeccability."

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