Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rx for Spiritual Emergency

Near-death researcher P.M.H. Atwater, herself a 3x near-death experiencer, has created a wealth of information over the past three decades for anyone in the throes of what feels like a near-death experience—which, as I can personally attest, is precisely how the descent to the core of our being often feels!

Since the entire planet is undergoing this sea change in consciousness now, I found many of the tips in her book, Beyond the Light invaluable to share. Wish I'd known this when I was in the midst of my own process in 1993-94; I was scared witless not knowing I was undergoing a Kundalini/Ku awakening. (I've also posted related information in my Zaadz.com pod, Living In Your Light Mind ~ The Remember Room, a cyber sanctuary to support one another's soul growth, and in my upcoming February e-newsletter, What Shines).

This is what Atwater has the say about Kundalini/Ku breakthroughs:

"Kundalini/Ku energies transform the nervous system and the endocrine glands. They promote the rising of the creative life force within the individual. Since physical sensations can sometimes be confusing, here's a list of what is traditional to the experience (so you won't think you're crazy):

• muscles twitching, cramping or spasms
• tremors, shaking, convulsions
• prickly, itching, tingling, or vibrating sensations under the skin
• rhythmic, spasmodic, or graceful involuntary movements
• sensations of intense heat or cold
• blockages in the back, throat, base of skull or head
• surges of tremendous high vibrational energy in the spine or throughout the system.

To slow these energies down so you can assimilate the changes more easily, Atwater suggests the following:

• Either stop meditating for awhile, or redirect your energy after a meditative session to others in the form of a healing prayer;
• Drink plenty of pure water; if possible, carry a water bottle with you;
• Eat meat, grain dishes, solid (e.g., root) vegetables, and dairy products. Avoid salads and incomplete proteins until your enrgies are under control;
• Eat less, but more frequently;
• Stop using sugar. For sweeteners, use limited quantities of honey and fruit;
• Absolutely avoid spices, stimulants, alcohol, tobacco;
• Engage in manual labor and/or exercise programs. Housecleaning, gardening, digging ditches, scrubbing walls, are all wonderful ways to redirect and manage this kind of energy;
• Give yourself ample time to rest and think. Take walks, contemplate, relax;
• Avoid stressful demands and environments for as long as possible;
• Don't resist the changes; flow with them;
• Ask in prayer for positive guidance, knowing that you will receive it (you WILL!);
• Adopt an attitude of gratitude;
• Laugh; humor is an amazing healer and balancer;
• Take up a creative endeavor, craft or hobby ~ and enjoy!"

She also mentions at some length the importance of natural lithium, a cell salt, which helps bond spirit in matter. The easiest way to replenish your store is by using lemons and limes, which are rich sources of this trace mineral. Squeeze fresh lemon into your daily drinking water, and/or use it in food preparation. You can also wear or carry a piece of lepidolite, its counterpart in the gem and mineral kingdom.

Happy transmuting, dear ones!

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