Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to Create Health, Wealth, and Wisdom: Forgive!

On this New Moon, as Venus, symbolic of the Divine Feminine, conjuncts Neptune, the Dreamweaver, astrologer Tara Greene offers an intriguing interpretation of forgiveness:

"Venus is Love, the Feminine, values; she rules signs Libra (the balance, self and others, relationships, beauty) and Taurus (Earth, tools, the voice, the throat chakra). Neptune is the ruler of sign Pisces (compassion, forgiveness, completion, bliss, karma, endings). New Moons are always new beginnings; this New Moon is at the 29th degree of Capricorn, an earth sign, of building, structure, aspiration."

Tara calls this Forgiveness Day. Why? We have a saying: "Forgive us our sins". She says,

"Sin is from the Latin root Sinister, the left-hand side. Originally this was a patriarchal twisting to deny the Feminine, The Goddess, from whom we all issue; we are all born of Woman.

"I translate it today, the word sin, as denoting 'left out,' separated from God, from the Source.
We sin daily by splitting ourselves off from Spirit.
We sin through omission, and forgetfulness, of our inherent Divinity.

"So today, I call upon the Sacred Marriage of Venus and Neptune
As a sign from the Heavens, from the Cosmos,
That Love and Forgiveness manifest on this beautiful Earth,
that we may walk in Beauty, Love ourselves, all others, and the Earth,
as Beauty.

"Forgive ourselves and forgive those who have 'sinned' against us.

"May this day mark a new Beginning in the Consciousness of all humans.
Let Forgiveness, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, Love, Awareness, reign down upon us
And emit from our Heart Centres these values from this day on.

"So mote it be."

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